Monday, October 12, 2015

Your Devotional Life

Connection, refreshing and joy are the goals of a devotional time. Connection with the one living God, a refreshing of your relationship with Him, and joy in following His will. In a relentless world that demands everything, it is the moments of peace that renew. It is the feeling of being wrapped inside a text so fully that you can hear the word of God anew. In those moments the rush of the world stills and all that matters is the heartbeat of God.

Each day demands so much, and so we rise to the occasion. We manage the tasks required for work, we accomplish the necessities for the family, and even find time to volunteer at church. And in the whirlwind of doing, the quiet of being is eclipsed. The focus of a devotional life is creating space to just be with God. The spiritual practices are opportunities to be with the living God. From seeing a spiritual practice in the life of an Adventist pioneer to experiencing it in your life, your devotional life invites you to let the flurry of the world wait, for just a bit, while you relish the presence of God. How will you relish the presence of God today?

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