Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Tell Your Story

There’s a phrase in the book of Acts that I love, “It became known, and many believed on the Lord.” You see it after the early Christian church deals with a challenge and finds a resolution that is fitting to God’s work. You see it after Dorcas is raised to life as an answer to prayer. This phrase shows the power of testimony. It is the power of a story that can compel people to believe on the Lord. 

The first situation was a crisis over caring equally for the widows of the community. A problem with the ability to divide and bring out the worst in people. But through prayer a solution came, and many believed on the Lord. The second situation was the loss of a dearly loved and gifted lady. Even as the church in Joppa mourned, they turned to prayer and as a result God raised her to life. The result is described with the same phrase, many believed on the Lord. Stories are needed! Your story is needed that many may believe on the Lord.

Will you risk to tell your story? Will you be the testimony that is needed for a friend to see the value of God in their lives? Will you be the voice that causes many to believe on the Lord?

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