Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Conversations with God: Bible Study

Experience Bible study this week. Choose a ten verse passage in the Bible to focus on for the rest of the week. Perhaps a piece from the Bible reading calendar! Your translation of the Bible can help you with this, because it is divided into paragraphs and sections.

The next step after choosing your passage is to choose two more translations to compare the passage in. This means you will be reading the same verse in three different Bibles in order to understand it better. If your Bible translation shelf is a little lean, perhaps a tool like can help.

As you read notice the slight variations that bring out different textures and details, but always carry the same key meaning. Ask yourself the most important question we ask a text, “What does this passage tell me about God?” Then spend some time talking to God about what you learned through the exercise.

At the end of the week evaluate your experience with a few questions: How did it go? Did you feel God’s presence during the exercise? Would you repeat the exercise? What would you differently?

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