Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Who is Missing?

In Hebrews 10 the encouragement comes to gather together for worship and study. It says, “forsake not the assembling of ourselves together.” It goes on to tell us we need one another for encouragement as we look forward to Christ’s second coming! It is a privilege to worship together each Sabbath morning as a church family, to be surrounded by others who expectantly wait for Christ’s return.

There are members of our church family who don’t currently attend. These missing members are needed. I invite you to make our missing members a focus of your prayer time. Our desire is for each member of our church family is to be with us and share their experience with God so we may all be encouraged. It takes us together as a church family to accomplish the mission God has given to us. 

And as you make this a matter of prayer, is there something tangible you can do? Do you know someone who used to attend our church, but who hasn’t walked through the doors for a while? Pray over this, and when a name comes to mind start thing of how you can give a personal invitation for them to return. How about a phone call to let them know about outdoor church this Sabbath at Chickahominy State Park? Or could you send a card of invitation? Perhaps you could deliver a special baked treat to them with a simple word letting them know they are missed.

We are healthiest as a church family when all of our members are a part of actively connecting. We need one another for encouragement, for shared testimonies and reminds of God’s goodness in the past. And we need one another to pray when times are hard.

It was God’s wisdom that issued this invitation in Hebrews 10 to remember to gather together, we need one another! What can you do this week to invite our missing members to take the first step toward being actively involved attending members?

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