Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Elements of the Journey with Jesus

Praying the scriptures is a gentle devotional practice, where you slowly read the scriptures, waiting for the Word of God to comfort you in your situation. The scripture could gently nudge you forward after His calling or shift your heart into a deeper commitment to your Savior. This happens softly—as the still small voice speaks through the scriptures. This is relationship with God; time with Him is what changes us.

Start with a passage of encouragement for your relationship with God, like Ephesians 2:8-10. Perhaps you could use the passage from your devotional book or the memory verse you are preparing for Sabbath school to focus on.

Sometimes this affirmation comes through a phrase in the heart of your chosen scripture that speaks to your heart. It could be a reminder from 1 John 1:9 that God forgives and, even more, He cleanses. Maybe that phrase standing out will allow you to let go of the guilt for your past action and move forward in your life. Perhaps it is a word of challenge from James 2, that faith without works is dead. Perhaps this phrase pushes you to commit to your church family through service as a deacon or Sabbath School teacher. The goal is to be with God and let him lead your life through His scriptures.

Do not expect lightning to flash or the earth to shake. Expect the still, small voice of God reminding you He is here as you read. The experience itself is not life changing, but the God you seek is. Your goal is to immerse yourself in a scripture, pray it to God, and be present with your Lord.

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