Friday, January 13, 2017

Response Time

When did you first meet Jesus? Maybe a specific moment comes to your memory as you read that question. That moment of realization where he became a person instead of an abstract concept. Think for a minute about the details.

Step into that memory in your mind and recall your response. When you realized that Jesus is real, that he truly exists, how did you respond? Recall what it was like to peak into the unknown and realize Jesus’ presence and personhood.

For me that moment was a shift. It caused a change in perspective from a distant character of laws, to a feeling of being infinitely valued. My heart felt so pulled to this Savior. It awoke a deep curiosity to know Him more deeply.

As we begin the Journey with Jesus series, I invite you to bring that wonder and curiosity with you. Take these seven weeks as an opportunity to build on that initial realization and deepen your walk with Jesus.

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