Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Prepare for Sabbath

Start preparing for Sabbath today. This Sabbath, worship from the overflow of your experience with God. Set aside ample time to revel in the goodness of God. Sit back and read His precious word as an encouragement. Let His promises seep into the places of your heart that need their calming salve.

Instead of coming to Sabbath like a camel to an oasis, come in the glow of a strong relationship with God. The church service isn’t a gas station to prepare us for the upcoming week. We do not arrive hoping to soak up enough of God’s word to carry us through the rest of the week, and then to skid weakly into the following Sabbath. We come to praise corporately the God we spent time with all week long.

Sabbath is the culmination of a week with God. This is the very God who spoke the world into existence. The same God who sent His son to die for your salvation. And He wants to talk to you every day. Take Him up on this invitation. Start with a reading of a favorite passage in the Bible. Perhaps Psalm 121 that reminds you to look up to your God in times of need. Perhaps you need the reminder of God the comforter in Isaiah 40. Then spend time in prayer making requests, or praising Him for His goodness. This preparation will make Sabbath what it is intended to be in our lives.

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