Wednesday, November 2, 2016

A Week in Lodi, California

Last week’s whirlwind that is my life centered around Lodi Academy. It was my privilege to join this high school for a week of prayer. Each morning we sang praises together, I shared from the book of Daniel and ended with a circle of prayer. In between sessions I visited classes, took questions from students, and found local adventures with my family. (We even managed to meet up with Joe and Darleyne in San Francisco, and Luis and Olga’s family for a trip to Elmshaven. Check FaceBook for pictures!)

While I return home tired and doubly thankful for my own bed and church family, this week of prayer was a time of recommitment to my relationship with Christ. Chaplain Janeen invited the students to write anonymous questions for me to answer. And their deep thoughts encouraged and at times challenged me. Questions like, “I asked God for a big thing and he didn’t answer, what do I do now?” To, “Is the God of the Old Testament the same as the God in the New Testament?” To things as simple as, “When did you first experience God’s presence?”

With each new question I prayed that my answering words could draw the asker closer to the God I love. At times I admitted I didn’t have all the answers, and at other times I shared my answer based on the Bible and my experience as a Christian. What questions in your life draw you to a deeper walk with Christ? Share them when we see each other on Sabbath!

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