Wednesday, August 10, 2016

What is the Pastor reading now?

It is that moment when you cross paths with someone of different beliefs that you wish for more skill in Christian persuasion. The goal of the book Fool’s Talk: The Art of Christian Persuasion is all about how to do the best job when you are confronted questions about your faith. This is the job of apologetics, to speak in support of your faith. And the author of this book, Os Guinness, distills his forty years of experience in the field to this very readable volume. “He sees apologetics in its noblest form—a way to lead others to Christ.”

This is our goal as Christians, to lead others to a relationship with Christ. But often we are confronted with questions and attacks that we don’t know how to handle. Os Guinness challenges us to ask questions, to form relationships, to win the war instead of the battle, and to be prepared in and out of season to present the reason for our hope in Christ Jesus.

If you are looking for a book that will stimulate your mind intellectually, and engage you in a thirst for evangelism, then this book if for you. The author helps you walk away from the book with a deeper commitment to Christ, and the courage to speak His name. From real life stories, and snapshots of testimonies in the lives of historical figures, the author will walk you through an understanding of how to reach the heart and elicit an interest in God.

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