Wednesday, August 17, 2016

As Was His Custom

When you meet Daniel in the Bible you see a man who is deeply committed to his God, and is equally committed to his work. In Daniel chapter 6 a group seeks to remove Daniel from his job. And the more they follow his work, the more they realize the only place they can find fault with him, is in his relationship to God. So this is where they attack. And in spite of a law that precluded praying to any other than the king, Daniel follows his custom and prays to God. In verse ten it says he prayed, “as was his custom since early days.”

This was just what Daniel did. He prayed. Every day, whether in challenging times or in time of blessing, he prayed. This practiced grew his relationship with God. And because of that connection, Daniel prayed even at the risk of his own life.

Think about the customs in your life. Perhaps it is how you welcome your children home from school, or another deeply engrained habit. Now think about your status as a child of God. What habit will you grow today to build your relationship with God up? Choose today to follow in the steps of Daniel and create a custom that connections you to God and builds your relationship and dependence on Him.

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