Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Praises to the God of Heaven

How do you handle uncertain times? Some people run away to a cocoon and pretend nothing is happening. Other people prepare by stocking the shelves and ordering a generator. Others choose to turn to God for answers. In Daniel chapter two we find four year men headed for death. The king’s advisors failed him, so he ordered their death. Daniel, Hananiah, Mischael, and Azariah are among the condemned. Their response: to turn to God for help and then rest in the knowledge He is in control.

Read over this story this week, and marvel at their faith. Daniel quietly asks for time to find an answer for the king. Then a fervent prayer meeting takes place. And after the last amen, they all lie down and sleep. It amazes me the peace, to be able to sleep! Sleep is often illusive in stressful situations, but these four trusted God and so they rested. And as they rested, God sent Daniel a dream and its interpretation.

When Daniel wakes up and realizes he is saved, he breaks out in a beautiful praise to God. He extols God for changing the time and the seasons. He praises God for revealing deep and secret things. This is the God they place their faith in. This is the God you can put your faith in also.

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