Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Christmas Wonder

Sparkling and twinkling lights. Bright princesses and tall giraffes next to tunnels of rainbow lights. The exclamations of joys and wonders slipped from my daughter’s lips, and my son’s eyes were bright with wonder. Where I saw the frame that held them up, all my children could see was the lights. Lights making elegant swans, birthday cakes and even waddling penguins. Reliving the adventure of holiday lights through their eyes made me appreciate the experience in a new way.

Right now we are in the middle of the Christmas season. We tell the same stories, sing the same songs, and remember the same savior. And yet it can all be new again. It can be new again when we see it through children’s eyes.

Read again the story of a Savior come to earth as a baby. Run with the shepherds to the manger to see a child who is Christ the Lord. Wander the desert, following the star. Kneel with these kings and present your gifts to the God that became man.

Let it be new again. Use a child’s eyes and see again the miracle that is God with us. The miracle of love that motivated Him to step from his throne to be incarnated as a humble baby. Think again what it means for a Savior to live in order to die. As you marvel and your eyes sparkle, recommit your life to the king who is the babe in the manger.

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