Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Beauty in Service

With a face covered in scars from a childhood accident, she often felt out of place or watched. She limited that time she must move about in common society, choosing to move quickly and quietly before retreating. Yet she found a place that made the thoughts of her scars sink deep into the back of her mind: when she served. 

The civil war raged, and those with nursing skills were in high demand. And so she went, first hesitantly, and then confidently. Moving among the wounded soldiers she found her place. Here her face wasn’t the first thing people noticed. It was her hands and compassion and caring that were noted. 

When asked why she volunteered to work among so much death and carnage, she replied, “The wounded soldiers don’t notice my scars as much as the others. To them, I’m beautiful.”

In service our scars fade into the background and what is seen is Christ’s character of compassion. Matthew 9 describes Jesus walking through the crowds, and at sight of the sick His heart moved with compassion. Our choice to serve is motivated by our love for Christ and how He sees them. Our hearts move with compassion, and so we serve.

My challenge to you this week is to find a place to serve. And in that place of service, let others know it is Christ living in you that motivates your service.

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